Reviews & Testimonials

Daddy’s Home – short film
“This was not an easy part to play. The depth of fear and courage her character required was handles with absolute professionalism. She brought tears to my eyes and I was shaking. Thank you for taking risks, Suzanne.”
Brian Worsley, director

Rosalind in As You Like It – Royal Shakespeare Company
“Outstanding! Skilled and made Shakespeare fun to watch. Patricia was quoted saying, “Suzanne has wisdom that only she can bring to Rosalind and give this classic character the richness she requires.”
Patricia Connoly, Broadway actress

531 – New York Film Festival
“We didn’t want to give her character a name because we wanted Suzanne to create a character with a clean slate. The anonymity of her character was imperative to her being able to take charge in this intense role. She was masterful. Her absolute commitment to all her choices was met head on and left a powerful mark on us all. Phenomenal actress and talent!”
Rob Goodmand, director

Better Living – CEG TV 
“Suzanne’s talent as a host in incredible. She can memorize her script on the fly and take change and direction with ease. Her enthusiasm, wit and charm make our job fun and easy. She’s always a joy to work with.”