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    Bucket List Action!

    Tuesday marks the day when I take the plunge into the crazy world of stand up comedy. I've always wanted to do it and honestly, I'm nervous. But hey, like all areas of acting - when you're nervous, use it. 

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    Pay it forward.

    The chair of the film department at our state college reached out to me and asked if I could offer my acting skills to help their directing students in the education. This excites me! To be able to inspire young creative minds makes this life of acting even more rewarding.

  • Have a face? Use it!

    I had a great time on set filming a video for a personal development company that uses humor to get their point across. The director said, "Wow, you have great comedic timing and incredible facial expressions!" Well, my response is that if you have a face why not use it.

  • The Trolls Hit Performance

    We had a sell out room at the last Trolls Improv Performance. I love it when an audience plays full out with us!!

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    On set with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    This was a BLAST! Unfortunately I can share any images until after the episode airs. The crew was incredible, the lead actors were so nice and the weather was stinking Florida HOT!! 

    But AH-MAZING!

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    Booked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

    It was a full day on set with a huge production crew and talent. It was one of the more unique jobs I have done in a while. Done in a construction zone and had us on scaffolding. No pics allowed, sorry.

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