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    Booked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

    It was a full day on set with a huge production crew and talent. It was one of the more unique jobs I have done in a while. Done in a construction zone and had us on scaffolding. No pics allowed, sorry.

  • Burt Reynolds Intstitute

    Continuing improv training at the Burt Reynolds Institute learning from the masters.

    Excited about the requests for ECO CAST auditions coming through Actor Access!

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About Me

 I have always felt that acting isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. When I can bring a character to life, whether on stage, or screen, there is a transformation that happens, and my mission is to convey that feeling to the audience in hopes that it brings us closer together. 

 If acting was easy, everyone would do it. 

I stared my journey in studies as a psyche major with language as a minor, but soon accepted that acting was in my blood. There was only one perfect choice and that was to be classically trained in theater at Florida Atlantic University and received my BFA in Theatre. At the time of my enrollment, I sought out my first agent and started working consistently for over 20 years. I can proudly say that I didn’t get my degree as a doctor, but I did play one on T.V. and that was even better. Later in my career I took a brief pause to write my first book, speak to women on stage about empowerment, homeschool our son and start a retail brand as a top seller on Amazon. Phew, that’s a lot even thinking about it. But eventually, the stage called me back and my journey picked up right where I left off. But the pause was invaluable.

Growth, wisdom, compassion and insight all wrapped into one journey. 

My career has a wide range of experiences with starring roles in classical Shakespeare to contemporary roles in independent films and host to many TV shows and commercials. I love independent film work the most because of the ability to work directly with the creative team to create a finished product that is a winning film. 

My motto as an actress is this; Get ready to Be Ready. Study, learn, grow and take risks in life. You never know what you will discover. I keep my acting chops sharp with the amazing team taught my Todd Vittum at the Burt Reynolds Institute. 

Let’s see what we can create together.

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